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Even though we only show and breed our collies, we still enjoy being owned by our Himalayan Persians.

Heaven Leigh

Heaven Leigh was our first Himi girl.
She ruled the house and our hearts with a tender paw, taught the puppies how to treat a cat properly
and tolerated puppy kisses.

We were blessed to be owned by her for 13 wonderful years.



(blue cream point)

Precious is our precocious persian.
Her name descibes her well, she is so sweet.




You are listening to "Stray Cat Strut".
To turn down volume, right click and select volume down.Best veiwed with 32 bit color


 ~ Purrfectly Delighted ~

Purrfectly delighted
To sit back in this chair
Look out from the front porch
Watch birds fly in the air

Truly this is wonderful
A great life you can see
Always feel so comfortable
Just purring endlessly

Cozy way to spend the day
All I have is time
Taking in the special sights
This chair my royal shrine

Lazy days of comfort
Posing for the guests
Anxiously I wait to hear
The stream of compliments.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
2000, used with permission
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for permission.












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