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Precious and Jinx
Date of Birth: 04-05-2001
CFA No. 000000000000
Breeder: Michelle E. McKim
Owner: Michelle E. McKim

CH Ouimet's The Poet CH Shi-Nan's Rahjah of Hims-N-Purrs CH Karabel's Tugboat of Topknot GCR Karabel's Kool Kash GCR Khaszar's Casual Affair
CH Careyata's Chelsea of Karabel
Karabel's Missing Link CH Karabel's Sambuca
Karabel's Outrageous Gem
CH Shi-Nan's Dixie Darling GCR Pentagram Faust of Maitiias CH Honalee's Warlock of Pentagram
Madame Nu's Betsy Graff
Maitiias Lady Amaranth of Shi-Nans CH Tawa's Sorcerer of Maitaiis
Maitaiis Second Thought
CH Sezanna's Daisy (23 grand points) GRC Purringwood's Sweet Talkin Guy GRC Purringwood's Sir To Please GRC Purringwood's Escort Service
CH Purringwood's Daphne
Purringwood's Summer Romance CH Krystalk's My Prayer
CH Purringwood's Midnight Kiss
Furrshurr's Gabby: Amazon Princess GRC Sandilair's Walkin' In High Cotton GRC Sandilair's Just a Mere Mirage
CH Purringwood's Ember's N' Ashes
GRC Teahs Mystia of Furrshurr GRC Demiara's Some Like It Hot of Teahs DM
Teahs Chimmy Chonga DM
Sassparilla Morning Delight Prince Malibu Sezanne Dar-Len Sha Boo CH Kittilait's Bam Bam Cody CH Gemar's Sunny Daze of Kittilair
CH Kittilair's Chade
Cody's Darla of Kittilair CH Chumaly's Wrangler of Cody
Cat Lore Bluette of Cody
Princess Alexis Studs McCagney Purrmunn Kay Si Ra Si Ra
Rocka Fellas Fortune
Princess Krystal La Shell Tradition's Toms Little White Lie
Ginger Snap
Sezanne Holloween Masquerade CH Kittilair's Bam Bam of Cody CH Gemar's Sunny Daze of Kittilair Putsypie's Boom Boom Punch Gemar
Paddington Peach Keen
Kittilair's Chade CH Gemar's Chadrack of Kittilair
CH Sunval's Glitter of Kittilair
GCH Cody's Midnight Illusion CH Chumaly's Wrangler of Cody Chumaly's Tommy
CH Chumaly's Sheer Luxury
Cody's Midnight Lace Chumaly's Kahluas Image of Carbonel
CH Chumaly's Morning Luxury of Cody

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