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Breeder/Owner: Michelle McKim (Willowynd Collies)



CH Hollyoak's N Briarwood Concept CH Thornare's Grand Stand CH Clouddawn's Grandeur Promise Jap/Am CH Twin Creek's Grand Master CH Twin Creek's Head Master
CH Twin Creek's C.O.D.
CH Clouddawn's Promise O'Twin Oaks CH Twin Oak's Joker's Wild
CH Myriah's Summer Wind
Thornacre's Simply Devilish CH Executives Devilish Dealer CH Twin Oak's The Joker's Wild
Twin Oak's Executive Precept
Can CH Pebble Brook's Simply Smashing CH Twin Creek's Damn Yankee
Pebblebrook's Super Sweet
Hollyoak's Spirit Of Th'Night CH Perry's Sundather Tradition CH Paradice's Along Came Jones CH Paradice's Cloak N' Dagger
CH Paradice's Brolly by Golly
CH Clarion's Capella CH Clarion's Nightrider
Afterhour's Cher Cher LeFemme
Hollyoak's Ebony N'Lace Raincrow's Tux N' Tails Clarion's Edge of Night
Raincrow's Calico N Blue
Hollyoak's Tarnished Angel Marvolus Delight O' Scot-Dale
Rosehome's Tawnygold One Dot CD
Hollyoak's A Rough Time Hollyoak's Zanzabar E CH Millcreeks Sudden Impact Silvernite's Sandy Hill Flash Donnybrook's Mean Machine
CH Afterhour's Trace of Silk
Millcreek's Dark Kristal Millcreek's Arcadian's Image
Millcreek's Dream Weaver
Hollyoak's Special Moments Raincrow's Martello Clarion's Edge of Night
Raincrow's Calico N' Blue
Hollyoak's Amber Waves O'Grain Incadescent Xanadu Destiny
Hollyoak's Autumn Harvest
Hollyoak's Shades Of Silver Hollyoak's Evening Shades CH Perry's Sundather Tradition CH Paradice's Along Came Jones
Clarion Capella
Hollyoak's Ebony N'Lace CH Paradice's Along Came Jones
Clarion Capella
CH Hollyoak's Raincrow Debutante Raincrow's Tux N' Tails Raincrow's Tux N' Tails
Hollyoak's Tarnished Angel
CH Hollyoak's Heaven Sent CH Hollyoak's Heaven Can Wait
CH Hollyoak's Gambler's Lady Luck

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used with express written permission by the artist.



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