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CH Hollyoak's N' Briarwood Concept

Hollyoaok's A Rough Time





Lucky was one of our favorites, and everyone who met him. Besides being a handsome dog, he had personality plus intelligence and was loyal as the day was long.

He is greatly missed but his memory will live on in our hearts and souls and his progeny.

We have his grandson and granddaughter to carry on with. They are a constant reminder of our dear old freind...till we meet again.


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Soft Poetry By Sand***
(Please do not copy without express written permission)

The beauty of the sky above, the snow capped mountains pure
The eagle flies on wings of air, above the mountains soar
A gentle fog hangs in the valley, shrouding trees of green
Fragrant flowers cast a glow along a mountain stream

Frigid waters dance on rocks and leave a trace of color
Rainbows flow along the banks awaiting the call of summer
Hear the roar of water, cascading down a fall
Giving beauty to the winter, that's about to thaw

Hear the shriek above the clouds, the call of eagles wings
Floating on a cloud so pure, his heart begins to sing
The flight of God's creation, his wings begin to soar
He hears the call of freedom above the rivers roar

Smooth as glass the water's flow, the land begins to sing
The colors drench the mountain top behind the eagle's wings
Prism's form on crusty snow against the suns bright flow
Reflecting our great country, the land of freedom glows







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