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Willowynd's Keeping The Faith


Date of Birth: February 7, 2000
AKC No. DL00000/01
Owner: Michelle E. McKim



Willowynd's Impressive Concept n/e

rough sable & white


CH. Hollyoak's N Briarwood-Concept

rough sable


CH. Thornacre's Grand Stand CH. Clouddawn's Grandeur Promise Jap/Am. CH. Twin Creek's Grand Master
CH. Clouddawn's Promise O'Twin Oaks
Thornacre's Simply Devilish CH. Executives Devilish Dealer
Can CH. Pebble Brook's Simply Smashing
Hollyoak's Spirit of Th' Night CH. Perry's Sundather Tradition CH. Paradice's Along Came Jones
CH. Clarion's Capella
Hollyoak's Ebony N'Lace Raincrow's Tux N' Tails
Hollyoak's Tarnished Angel
Hollyoak's A Rough TIme

Rough Blue merle

AKC No. DL570835/01

Hollyoak's Zanzabar E CH. Millcreeks Sudden Impact Silvernite's Sandy Hill Flash
Millcreek's Dark Kristal
Hollyoak's Special Moments Raincrow's Martello
Hollyoak's Amber Waves O'Grain
Hollyoak's Shades Of Silver Hollyoak's Evening Shades CH. Perry's Sundather Tradition
Hollyoak's Ebony N'Lace
CH. Hollyoak's Raincrow Debutante Raincrow's Tux N'Tails
CH. Hollyoak's Heaven Sent
Chief Logan's Midnight Magic CGC TDI

rough tri-color

AKC No. DL719663/07 (picture)

HollyoakN'Briarwoods' Priz PKG (pointed)

smooth tri-color

AKC No. DL543268/05

CH. Vennessee Sculptured In Blue CH. Vennessee's Vi-Lee's Venture CH. Vi-Lee's Lone Lombardo
Vennessee's Etched In Blue Jap/Am. CH. Twin Creek's Grand Master
CH. Westwind's Headline In Blue
CH. Hollyoak's Raincrow Debutante Raincrow's Tux N' Tails Clarion's Edge Of Night
Raincrow's Calico N Blue
CH. Hollyoak's Heaven Sent CH. Hollyoak's Heaven Can Wait
CH. Hollyoak's Gamblers Lady Luck
Harler's Truly Ebony Lace

rough tri-color

AKC No. DL46270105

Woodlands Cody CH. Woodlands War Paint CH. Highfields The Blue Knight CD
Highfields Cricket
CH. Woodlands Violet Windspear CH. Woodlands War Paint
CH. Woodlands Harlequin Romance
Belmark's Gold'N Fancy Wayside's Sundance Kid Garee-Krentel Circuit Breaker
Wayside's Delightful Joleen
Wayside's Fancy Flirt Wincrest Fight North
Starland's J.P Shenanigans
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