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I wanted to raise and show collies. A well bred collie is the perfect family pet, possessing beauty, grace , intelligence, a sincere devotion for their family and an innate desire to please. They can also be trusted with animals of all types as well as infants. I had owned several pet collies before and though my children and I loved them dearly, I was brought to the realization that there were some health problems in the breed (as in every breed) that needed to be addressed. I had attended college previously with the hopes of becoming a vet, though family commitments prevented me from attending graduate school, the pre-vet studies had given me the knowledge needed to embark on a sound breeding program. I had searched for a foundation bitch while in college but got discouraged at what I found. After Tom and I met, I continued my search for a foundation bitch that was from an extremely sound background as well as being of excellent health herself, Even though she did not have to be show herself, she needed to have few faults, of which were easily bred out. She needed to be line bred, off of dogs that neither had, nor produced major health problems. She had to have movement, as structure can be the most difficult to correct, as well as a superb temperament.

We found Misty at Hollyoak Kennel. She was everything we had hoped for and more. We later purchased Diamond for a foundation as well from Hollyoak, who also provided a solid foundation for our kennel- Willowynd Collies. Lilah's guidance and mentoring in the beginning, coupled with my education made it possible to achieve my dream of producing quality, health, intelligence and sound temperaments capable of competing in the confirmation ring, the obedience ring and the agility ring, as well as being capable of herding, the perfect therapy dog and companion with carefully planned, limited breeding. Thank you Lilah.


Though I am unable to show the dogs myself after an auto accident left permanent injury, we will continue to send dogs out with a confirmation handler. Meanwhile, we look forward to putting obedience titles on the current dogs and future pups. One of my sons is interested in obedience, and wants to take them in the ring. We have already taken the first steps and put CPC titles on 2 of the dogs, CH points on another and bred our first CH.